čtvrtek 10. května 2018

Sometimes there is


No word comes to my mind I can say just like Howe does “Lately I’ve been thinking about the word…“ Yes, of course, I am thinking a lot throughout the day, but no single word I would like to think about more than about others…Nothing in my head. Like big dark hole, feeling free and relaxed…Written in the Etymology Dictionary, see none thing.  

Could it be that I have something in my mind and just can´t see it? What can be seen in the dark? At first I see nothing, but later as my eyes get used to the inked space, I can slowly line by line recognize the structure of the scope. An opportunity to explore the room, explore the darkness in my mind. Is there anything interesting at all?

Back to the dictionary: nothing with the meaning insignificant thing. Now I have the feeling that the space is full of thoughts. Small ordinary, insignificant, laughing, sad, colourful, upset… Thoughts used and thrown away. Thoughts coming back like a boomerang. Thoughts hidden deeply inside of the brain´s fold. Do not turn the light on them!

It seems not to be so bad with my mind. Covered by night sky there are some stars at the end. There is always something there. Something! A thing worthy of consideration says the dictionary…

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